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First Event here (Workshop)

January 14 - January 16


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About the Speakers

Dr. Mira Patel:

  • As the Head of Translational Biology at Global Blood Therapeutics, she was an integral part of developing and overseeing the collection of pharmacodynamic data in the phase 1/2a studies with voxelotor and continue to oversee the collection of pharmacodynamic and biomarker data.
  • Has been with GBT since it’s early days in 2011 and have been a core team member involved in a variety of assay development, compound screening and animal studies with voxelotor and other Hb modifiers
  • Prior to GBT she had a post-doc at UCSF in the Levy lab studying Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Healthy individuals and HIV-1 positive individuals.
  • Completed doctoral work in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSC in the Millhauser Lab conducting peptide SAR to characterize Melanocortin Receptor binding pockets.
Share Your Innovations with a Global Audience

Join a diverse roster of biotech’s hottest companies and present your company’s innovations on a global stage. Make the critical connections you need to push business forward in this new interactive forum.  Presentations on the Innovation Stage will start on June 10th, giving your company early visibility before BIO Digital Week.


January 14
January 16
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