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What are Virtual CIO/CTO Services?

Virtual CIO/CTO Services are Essential IT Services required by all business entities. Virtual CIO/CTO Services are a collection of services based upon the duties of key IT personnel in a large organization including the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Trusted Advisor. Chief Information Officer Services Chief Information Officer Services are consulting services …

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Technology Start-Up Consulting

What can CTO Services do for your technology start-up? Business & Product Strategy Intellectual Property—Trademark and Patent Initiatives Intellectual Capital Development Product Management & Development Product Architecture Data Architecture / Database Design Infrastructure and Scalability Management Development Team Identification and Management Outsourcing or Offshoring Interview and Vetting key technology positions

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Why Use a Consulting CTO

A consulting CTO can help you complete a business plan by estimating costs and timelines for the company’s technology development and deployment. A consulting CTO can provide the help you need to draft the preliminary mockup or paper prototype that you’ll present to investors and potential business partners. A consulting …

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CTO services

Manager, Planner, Visionary, Negotiator, Stakeholder, Risk Assessor, Arbitrator, Advisor, and Partner are just a few of the words used to describe the role of a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer). However, most businesses can’t afford a full-time CIO or CTO, but it is important that strategic …

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